[Playlists] Junjou Romantica Season 3 (OP+ED+ENGTRANS)

Season 3


Openings – Innocent Graffiti

Song’s Engtrans

I am sure that you and I | want the same wish to come true
It is just that one graffiti

I’m sure that tomorrow I will
love you even mo-re than I do today
You act shy and say things like „I wonder if that’s true.“
Your smile is prooving that it really is

Pure love is colored fast,
but I won’t let go of your hand. I will always hold it tight, so that we’ll never part.

Feelings are taking us away
Even these casual days | are very precious moments we share all the time
If you and I are together, the world is always changing colors
Together! Let’s paint this graffiti.

We are the only ones who can see | shapeless feelings surrounding us
we don’t need anybody to understand
So that is what we call our endless love

If you make an enemy somewhere on this tiny world
Don’t worry, I will always be by your side

Sometimes days show an ugly face, when things just won’t go well
But when that happens we just have to face it and go on
There is no point in being afraid, when we’re always holding our hands
Together! Let’s sing this love song!

If your heart’s visited, by sparkling cold rain
Let me take you under my umbrella
Don’t be shy just open up, show your weaknesses to me
I’ll be sure to wipe away, all the tears rolling south down your pale cheek

Our feelings are enhancing our; strength to deal with all of our pain
Flowers bloomed where we crossed our paths and never will wither
If you and I are together, the world is always changing colors
In this world there’s our own innocent graffiti

On one white blank space, our own canvas
the two of us are painting our own graffiti
Unable to imitate
Let’s just accept our love here
Only for us, follow our path

Endings – Kawaranai Sora